What is DNS

DNS stands for Domain Name System also referred as "Domain Name Server".  DNS is the clock-work of the entire world wide web.  DNS is essentially, a simple database system containing the record of which domain is assigned to which IP address(s) referred to them as "pointers" or "records".

There several types of records, but essential one are described below:

  • A records - is main records used in the domain name system.  A records is direct pointers from names to ip, for example "abc.com -->".
  • CNAME - is used for mapping a non-numercal to the master domain also referred as "ALIAS". For example, www.abc.com --> abc.com.
  • MX - is for priortising the Mail Sever Exchange.
  • NS - is to set the NAME SERVER pointer, basically tells where to look for the records.
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