What domain related services is included

We offer full DNS management of all registered domain through the web based control panel for FREE. You'll be able to preform following tasks:

  • Change Host Records
  • Change Name Servers
  • Initiate Domain Tranfer to another provider
  • One click upgrade to hosting package
There some optional services available to you:

ID Protection - when you register, you have to supply a vaild contact details for domain's administrator and technical person.  These details are published and publically available when a WHOIS search is preformed.  That can lead to lot of unsolicited mails and email or even used to commit various types fraud.  Our ID protection simply masks away your records with our generic address and contact that would not be usefull to anyone.  Cost of this is £4.99 per year.

Important :  Please beware that, active ID Protection may lead to SSL Certificate issuance problem with certain SSL issuance authority.  Please contact relevant SSL providers for further help.
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